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Each Local Lead Generation Site Includes:

  • A Home Page with 2000+ Words of Authoritative Content
  • A General Service Page (250 words)
  • An About Page (250 Words)
  • A Contact Page
  • 6 Service or Location Pages  (500 Words each)
  • All Niche Specific Images
  • 7-14 Day Turnaround From When You Submit the Order Form
  • A Guaranteed Seal of Quality

Some of Our Work

We build in Weebly, Snapps and Duda too! Simply leave a note in the success page form which platform you prefer if you do NOT want WordPress. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you build the sites for such a low cost?

Our team has been building lead generation sites for years. Our operational efficiencies are great enough that we can pass those savings down to our Customers. With the lead generation market opportunity in such high demand, we look forward to serving our customers with these savings for years to come.

I am not in the lead generation industry, can this site help me generate leads for my company?

Yes, as these sites are built to generate leads of interested parties in buying your products and services. A ReadiSite will help you to generate the specific type of customers you are seeking in the local markets you want to serve.

What exactly do I get with each order and how long does it take?

A Home Page with 2000+ Words of Authoritative Content 

A General Service Page (250 words)

A Contact Page

6 Service or Location Pages  (500 Words each) 

Niche Specific Images

7-14 Day Turnaround From When You Submit the Order Form

A Guaranteed Seal of Quality (See below for more detail)

What theme do you use and can I edit and control my site going forward?

Our most popular build is using Divi (Elegant Themes) on WordPress. This theme is arguably the most user friendly and easy for any skill level to maintain going forward. You will have complete control of all lead generation sites purchased and you may host them anywhere you like (More information about our economical hosting plans can be obtained by sending us a message from

Can you build on Weebly, Snapps and Duda too?

Yes and all turn around times are the same! Once you place your order, simply leave a note in the success page form which platform you prefer if you do NOT want WordPress.  We work on Weebly, Snapps and Duda platforms everyday and they are very flexible and reliable too.

How do you ensure the authoritative content is high quality?

First of all, our incredible team members have been with us for a long time and care deeply about the quality they produce for each customer. Our content creation process has multiple layers, starting with extensive keyword research, outlining, writing, proof reading, and then a final quality assurance review. We always produce authoritative content to yield the highest ranking in the search engines for your keywords. Essentially by purchasing a ReadiSite, you are receiving one of the highest quality lead generation site builds available!

What do you need from me to get started?

Once you have submitted your order you will be taken you to the success page.  There you will see a simple form to fill out for each site ordered (example: if you ordered 5 sites, you will complete the form 5 times). This ensures that we receive the details of your order correctly we literally start working on your order immediately after received. This form process only takes 5 minutes to complete.

What if I don't like the way the site looks?

Keep in mind that lead generation sites don't generally win beauty contests as their sole purpose is to generate interested leads in your products and services. Our experience and skilled approach in this industry will save you an extraordinary amount of time, allowing you to focus on new niche sites to build. We know your time is valuable and we are very confident you will be back for more sites once you see your first completed order. 

Why don't you have count down timers and sales language on this site?

We built this simple ReadiSite Order Page using the Divi Builder on WordPress. No gimmicks or sales language here. We are old fashioned and would like to earn your business from the quality of our work and keep you as a customer for life. Most people that follow good directions and learn the lead generation business stick with it because it is so profitable once you can generate your own leads.

What is your "Guaranteed Seal of Quality" and do you guarantee my results?

Our Guaranteed Seal of Quality means that every site will have a professional look with unique images and authoritative content specific to your niche product and/or services. We want our customers to know there's a lot of human TLC that goes into each site we create in order to set them up for great success. 

Do you have an affiliate program?

We are open to working with parties who have a high level of business integrity. Interested parties feel free to message us @

Have more questions?

We understand that you may have more questions, so feel free to message us @ and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

We've built hundreds of lead generation sites for business professionals.

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